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Letting go

Learning &

Lighting the way

Nicki’s Place started out when it was a time that we were learning
the new virtual world of the internet aka world wide web.

First as Nicki’s Avatar Shoppe where visitors could come and pick
out avatars (image to represent their self) to use when they hung
out in the new virtual chat rooms.

I personally got to mingle with web developers, designers, and
graphic artists. The ones who actually created the virtual chat
rooms, “Virtual Places”. Nicknamed VP.

There were just a handful of people. They were testing the waters
so to speak, and their work as developers. They were constantly
tweaking and developing.

It was great to be a part of it, and I was eager to learn everything I
could, even if at the time it was just playing around for me at first.

It was also a place where two people (many actually) also fell in love and
shared the poetry from their hearts.

Nicki’s Place had a lot of visitors and even a virtual wedding
was performed here.

I have tried to keep the front page to it’s original look the best I could.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit.


Information on Wikipedia explaining about Virtual Places:

Inside Nicki's Place

He wrote to Nicki .  . .

“Cyber Rose”

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She wrote back . . .

“IM Land”

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More to Come Soon!

The original song that played on the page. Yes it played automatically back then! Now you are not forced to listen to it, but it was a hit back then 🙂

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